The benefits of bilingualism in pre-school

Neuroscience has shown that children’s brains before the age of 7 are so “flexible” and “plastic” that learning 2 or 3 languages is done intuitively, as easily as learning only one language.

Bilingualism also promotes the development of certain areas of the child’s brain and improves cognitive abilities :

  • Concentration
  • Inhibitory control
  • Simultaneous management of several tasks
  • Learning new languages
  • Creativity

Building a balanced bilingualism requires :

  • Starting as early as possible
  • A high frequency of exposure
  • A supportive environment
  • Use in everyday actions

In our schools, children are immersed in a caring bilingual English/French environment and use both languages daily. They are accompanied by an English-speaking teacher and a French-speaking teacher.

activité en école maternelle bilingue

What is bilingualism in our nursery schools ?

We offer English and French in a natural and spontaneous way, the children are accompanied throughout the day by an English-speaking teacher and a French-speaking teacher. Each of them will present the educational material in their language of reference.

Often, we notice that the children go to the language they use at home but very quickly, after only a few weeks, they understand that both teachers are listening to them and therefore go to one or the other. The circle is thus closed, English and French are approached in a natural and spontaneous way.

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