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My child has never been to a Montessori school, is this a problem ?

For entry into the petite or moyenne section, we accept all children regardless of their previous school system. However, for entry into the grande section, it is imperative that the child has already been in a Montessori school.

I hesitate between the classical education system and Montessori, what to do ?

We would be delighted to give you a detailed presentation of our pedagogy and its advantages. Please fill in this form so that we can contact you.

Why is the material unique ?

By waiting for an activity to become available, the child develops qualities of autonomy and willpower, of confidence in oneself and in others, which are fundamental to living together and to overcoming the frustration of not obtaining what one covets at the moment.
In this way, the child, even at a young age, develops the ability to determine his or her project and to mobilise his or her resources to achieve his or her objective, even if this means waiting for someone else to finish the activity. The uniqueness of the material makes it possible to perceive the person who “prevents” an activity from being carried out immediately, not as an obstacle, but as another person who needs to finish his work… The environment then becomes the bearer of a high social vision. This also avoids comparisons and competitions between children, each one carrying out the activity for himself, respecting his needs, his desires and his rhythm.

What is the point of mixing ages ?

In a Montessori class, we mix small, medium and large sections. This diversity of ages benefits all the children. In fact, we work on mutual aid and on the diffusion of knowledge in the classroom. The younger children are stimulated by the work of the older ones. The older children help the younger ones by presenting them with work, which means that they have assimilated the activity they are presenting. They all form a bond of exchange and mutual support.

What is free choice ?

Montessori is about free choice in a thoughtful, enriching, structured and reassuring environment. The child has great freedom of movement, choice of activities and expression, but the educator accompanies him or her, day after day, in order to acquire ever greater autonomy. The rules of group life allow the children to live together while respecting others, differences, different rhythms…

Bilingualism in schools 

Why choose bilingualism for my child ?

Is there an adaptation period ?

Yes, the first week is an adaptation week without parents, but with reduced hours.

What is the role of the educator ?

He/she is a “guide” and a “landmark” for the children, accompanying them in their interests and preparing the appropriate educational environment.

He/she introduces the children to the different activities, observes and helps when necessary. He/she also follows the basic learning of each child.

Est-il compliqué pour les enfants de retourner dans le système scolaire traditionnel après la maternelle ?

La pédagogie Montessori permet aux enfants d’être acteurs de leurs apprentissages et de leurs découvertes tout au long de la maternelle. Nous suivons le programme de l’éducation Nationale et allons souvent au-delà des compétences attendues. La maternelle est un tout qui s’articule autour de 3 années : petite, moyenne et grande sections. Tous les enfants font ces trois années puis changent d’école pour aller en primaire. Ce n’est donc pas différent pour la maternelle Montessori, une fois les 3 années effectuées, les enfants vont au CP.

Is it possible to enter during the school year ?

Yes, we have two back-to-school periods: the first week of September, and the first week of January.

Can my child enter nursery school before he or she is 3 years old ?

Is your child bored in day care? No problem, we accept children from the age of two and a half. However, a total of three and a half years of nursery school is required.

A brief assessment of your child’s ability to function independently will be necessary to ensure a smooth entry into the nursery school.

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